Apparently that was the first game of Do or Drink to ever be played. The creators simply walked into our house, startled our pet elephant, then gave us what they called a “deck of cards” to play a drinking card game. Stunned as we were, we gave it a try and haven’t stopped playing since, we are now 98 years old and still play Do or Drink

– Proud Elephant Owner

It was 1921, the first year of Do or Drink’s creation. Drinking was quite common, pet elephants were even more common but drinking card games or even drinking games in general were none existent. Perhaps folks were fine with simply drinking the night away or perhaps no one was brave or thoughtful enough to come up with an absurd and non-nonsensical idea of playing card whilst drinking.

On February 31, 1921 (back then February was a normal month) the creators, who were technically not yet the creators, were seated around their wooden dining table having a few drinks in their humble abode when one them mentioned that something seems to be missing from that picture. They had the booze, they had the elephant, they even had the laughing monkeys (a real luxury back in the days).

The monkeys were laughing hysterically, the elephant were stomping with frenzy but for the creators something just did not seem right. One of the monkeys jumped onto the shoulder of the creator and started banging on his head, some say the monkey may have even leaked warm liquid waste onto the creators neck. Alas, a few seconds later something seemed to have awoken in that creator as he blurted out “Drinking card game!”. Silence struck the room, the elephant suddenly stood still staring into the creator, the monkeys stopped laughing and the rest of the creators simply sat still; shocked, afraid and confused.

The rest of the creators knew that he was right but were too afraid to admit it. There is a slim chance that the crazy idea of playing cards while drinking is going to be accepted by the people. They are more likely to end up being pummeled (as violence was a common solution to problems back then) by the public for even proposing the idea of a drinking card game. A few moments later, the elephant swung his trunk and elegantly smacked the back of the heads of each creator. At that exact moment, they knew that they had to somehow make Do or Drink happen.

After a few hours of tinkering with some pen and paper, they created a deck of paper cards and wrote some statements on them. It was on February 31, 1921 at 11:59 PM that the first version of Do or Drink was born. A few minutes later at 12:03, they decided to step outside their humble home to find someone to try out do or drink.

They stepped outside their home and onto the cold snowy street of their hometown. To the left of their home was a long line of houses, each of which a potential venue for the first game of DoD. They walked down the street in their short, bare-feet and leather jackets. Once they got to the 28th house, they decided that this would be the perfect venue. Perhaps it was the inviting warmth of a well cut lawn that caught their attention or perhaps it was beating to the head that each creator undertook, we will never know but they simply decided that “this” was the house.

Slowly walking towards the front door, they barged it open and walked in while simultaneously yelling “Hi!”. They saw three regular joes sitting at a round wooden table, throwing back a few drinks. They were startled at the sudden entrance but a few seconds later shouted “Hi!”. The creators made their way towards that wooden table, dropped the deck of cards and told them to play Do or Drink and walked out of the house with the same determination as they entered. Only this time, they left the front door open and stood outside looking at them. The three regular joes were humbled and astonished by the creator’s sense of respect and courteousness that they decided to give the game a try.

So it was on March 1st, 1921 at 12:18 am that the first game of Do or Drink was ever played on the 28th house of Shaet Street. Rumor has it, that somehow it was due to that very day the February was shortened 28 days. No one really know why, all we know that the three regular joes always had a deck of cards with them, even now at the ripe age of 98.