Sometimes it is really difficult to put together a house party and get everyone on board. People are busy or lazy or moody or socially distant and it could be difficult to convince them otherwise. If no one is bothered to come to your house how can you have a house party.

Alas, we have a solution for you; online drinking game. It’s the 21st century after all and we are all more digital than human 🤪

Its actually extremely simple to play Do or Drink online and in some ways more convenient than having to put together a house party. All you need is 2 things:

  • You need a video conferencing app with screen-sharing capabilities, it believe most will have that. Apps like Skype, Zoom, etc..

From this point it is pretty straightforward, you open the comms app and invite your friends to the channel. Then after your done horsing around, you start screen-sharing and open Do or Drink. Done!

Everyone in the comms channel will be able to see your screen, you will be the designated swiper and you can take turns reading the cards, drinking and having fun. Very few cards, require physical contact and it is easy to vocalize these one. There you have it, an online drinking game

It wasn’t worth mentioning but don’t forget to prepare your drinks and edibles beforehand, you wouldn’t want to stop the online party. Cheers!