Old Man Drawing a Punishment Card

They asked me to test out a new drinking game. I was really excited, they told me it will be fun and it was. Alas, 5 drinks into the game it felt like the lord himself revealed his hand to me only to whack me across the face. I must have aged 5 years in that very moment…

-The Old Dude

It all started back in 1921, the first year of Do or Drink’s release. Being the first drinking card game, it was not easy to fine tune the game and find testers. People were usually repelled by the idea of playing a card game while drinking, they thought it was insanity but the creators knew better than to back down from the very first hint of scorn. They knew that venturing into a new territory needed courage and perseverance. They also knew that new and unfamiliar ideas may endanger their very lives as violence was a common solution to problems in 1921, as such they never publicized their names and are eternally known as the creators.

One night, the creators were walking down “Shlemp Street” in their hometown looking for some pubs where they can test out Do or Drink. Shlemp street was known as the party street where drinking never stops( 24/7 pubs), they say alcohol was first discovered on that very street. Back then it was very common for people go drinking in groups of 2, 3 or 5; other numbers were considered bad luck so people stuck to these numbers. That also meant that most people had at least 2 jobs, 2 houses and even 2 spouses. Times were very stressful so drinking was the cure for many of these folks. So because of that wonderful belief, Do or Drink was initially designed to played by 2, 3 or 5 people. In the future, when Do or Drink was turned into a drinking game for iOS and Android, it was readjusted to be much more lenient with supporting any number of drunkards!

As the creators walked down Shlemp Street through the oddly numbered groups of people they stumbled upon what seemed to be a new pub in town. “Drink and Think” was portrayed across its Facade, right above a steel door which appeared to be its entrance. The creators realized that this would be the perfect pub to throw back a couple beers and test out DoD. As “Drink and Think” is a new pub, it was less crowded than the rest of the pubs so it was a safer place to test out uncommon ideas as the chances of getting pummeled was much lower. The creators walked towards the steel door, opened it and were greeted with the lovely smell of cabbage mixed with wet dog poop. Cabbage and dog poop (particularly wet) was believed to bring in good luck and fortune, so that was a common smell at the hometown.

The creators entered the pub and were looking around to find a certain someone that would likely be willing to test out something as absurd as a drinking game. In the right corner of “Drink and Think” something amazing caught their attention. A lone man, seated on a table (literally on the table), was drinking and pondering about the very questions of life. The creators quickly realized that he was the perfect victim candidate. A man that broke the “lucky number” belief was surely to be crazy enough to be willing to test out an idea as absurd as a drinking card game.

They calmly and slowly approached the old man. The old man was thinking so deeply that their greeting startled him and nearly gave him a heart attack. They introduced themselves as the creators and out of common courtesy the old man introduced himself as the old man. The creators introduced him to Do or Drink and told him that they were looking for a brave soul willing to test out the game with them. The old man was ecstatic and instantly ordered a new round of beers with a side of scrambled eggs.

The creators simultaneously explained the rules and the old man was ready to start drawing some cards. The cold beers were now at their table while the sizzling eggs were being fried at the bar behind them. The round began with the old man drawing his first card, it was a “classic” card, a nice and easy start to the game. He read out his card (“All old men wearing sandals and an orange tank-top drink 1 time”) and drank. The game went on with the creators drawing cards and so forth. It was on the 5th round that the creators realized that Do or Drink may have packed a punch that is capable of knocking down an elephant. It was the old man’s turn, he was happier than he has been in years until they drew that 5th card, a punishment card. Time seemed to have frozen as he read that card and some people claimed to have seen a hand appear out of no where and slap the old man across the left cheek. His face grew pale, his cheek grew red and eyes grew wide. The creators were staring into his face as if they were looking into the abyss; full of emptiness and depth at the same time. The old man was stunned, frozen in time and unable to move. The creators saw him age up to 4 to 5 years older as he held that card. A few seconds later the scrambled eggs arrived but the old man had lost all appetite to eat eggs, some say he never ate eggs again, at least not scrambled eggs. That punishment card was instantly removed from the deck and it was never publicized in order to save humanity from the dread the old man had witnessed.