A sneak peak into the Do or Drink Cards

Classic Cards

  • Anyone who didn’t drink last round, drink 2 times
  • Whoever has he biggest hands drink 2 times
  • Everyone who can’t lick their elbow drink 2 times

Rule Cards

  • Bark every time someone says your name
  • Whoever checks their phone drinks twice
  • High five every person you talk to or you both drink

Punishment Cards

  • While looking at the ceiling drink two times
  • Drink three times while sticking your tongue out
  • You favorite team is about to score! Start cheering and drink 3 times!

King's Cup Cards

  • 4 Floor. TOUCH THE FLOOR! Last person drinks
  • 5 Chicks. Anyone that considers themselves a female, drink
  • 8 Mate. Choose a drinking buddy, drink together every time

NSFW Cards

  • Act out your favorite sex position for 5 secs or drink 2 times
  • Anyone wearing a thong drink 2 times
  • If you shave your intimate areas drink 2 times

Bar Cards

  • First person to dance with a stranger gives out 2 drinks
  • Everyone does their best obnoxious and fake laugh at the same time or drink 2 times
  • Take a selfie with a stranger or drink 2 times

Truth or Drink Cards

  • Tell everyone the story of the worst lie you ever told or drink 2 times
  • Point at the person with the lowest IQ or drink 2 times
  • Who do you like more, you father or you mother. Tell everyone or drink once

Would you Rather Cards

  • Would you rather slap the person reading this card or kiss them. Everyone votes, Losing group drinks
  • Wear wet sock for 24 hours or listen to justing Berber on repeat for 24 hours. Everyone votes, Losing group drinks
  • Not have eyebrows or have permanent uni brow. Everyone votes, Losing group drinks

Dirty Deeds Cards

  • Drink if there is naked picture of you on a nearby phone
  • Drink if you ever had sex while watching porn
  • Drink if you recorded yourself having sex

Never Have I Ever Cards

  • Never have I ever been slapped in the face by a monkey. Whoever has drinks
  • Never have I ever been someone’s booty call. Whoever has drinks
  • Never have I ever sent nudes to the wrong person. Whoever has drinks